Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs

Ad Policies

  1. Title
  • Every ad must have a catchy, precise, and attractive title of the item being sold.
  1. Description
  • Description should be interesting, and unique and should capture all the details of the item you are selling.
  • Phone numbers and URLs should not be included in the description.
  1. Images
  • Upload a good image that is not blurry.
  • You can upload up to 10 images of a particular product on a single Ad.
  • The phone number should not be included in the image.
  • Adverts with no pictures will be rejected.
  • Each item for sale must be posted separately. You cannot post several products within one Ad.
  1. Price
  • This is compulsory but you can indicate in the description that the price is negotiable.
  • The price should be reasonable, competitive, and attractive to increase your chances of selling.


To get started, first register/log in HERE and put in your details and password. It’s free to register for an account on AfricaBiz.

After you’ve registered, you will receive an email indicating your account registration with AfricaBiz. If you do not receive the code check if you have blocked receiving messages from unknown sources, if not contact us for assistance.

Login to your account using your username and password.

Click Submit Ad, choose a category for your product, and start filling details of the product. This will be a free ad option, available for you for two weeks. Thereafter, you will be required to pay the requisite fee, or else, the ad will expire. In the meantime, start receiving inquiries from interested buyers who will call, WhatsApp, or chat with you. Organize the sale and delivery.

After posting your ad our moderation team will review carefully if the ad meets our standards; a proper title, a clear description of what you are selling, the price matches the item and images matches what you are selling.

Approval time for business hours is up to a max of 2 hours and outside working hours up to 8 hours excluding weekends.

Once your advert is live, you will receive a notification email from

All your ads will be located in your: Profile (My Account) > My Ads (Awaiting Approval, Online, Expired, Offline, Rejected).

After approval, your Ads will stay online/live for up to 6 Months (since the date you posted) before expiry or before you deactivate them. You can Edit an Ad that is online and Renew/Edit an Ad that has expired to go back online. Just go to your Profile and choose the ad to either edit or delete.

To change the prices for your ads, title, description details, or images of an ad, go to your profile, my ads then click on Edit and re-submit the Ad.

Interested buyers will call you via your phone number, Others will chat with you via WhatsApp. You are responsible for handling the inquiries.

You can post any number of adverts on AfricaBiz, depending on the package you have chosen. The trial package allows only one ad, which will be live for only 14 days. Check the pricing for more details.

Once an ad has been posted, it can also be bumped up to feature prominently on our website. Businesses can also subscribe to different boosting options according to their needs and plans.

Our boosting options include Trial, Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annual Packages. Check Here